15. Sugar Building Blocks

The diversity of compounds is the basis for screening the drug candidates with new biological relevance. Among those compounds, the chiral compounds with multi stereogenic centers and various functional groups play a vital role in current modern medicine. Carbohydrates as renewable, readily available sources having stereochemical diversity and functionality are the advanced options for the […]

13. Reagents for the modification of polymeric property

The properties of polymeric products such as plastics, rubbers are crucial to their applications in different areas, i.e., wire, cable, solar photovoltaic cell, film, resin, and shoe material, etc. The strength, rigid and thermostability of the related products can be modified and improved by adding different reagents, including crosslinking agents, vulcanizing agents, flame retardants, or […]

12. Natural product library

    Natural product library      OPEN HERE FOR THE DETAIL     Natural products are playing a vital role for drug discovery and development, especially for a hit compound scanning. In order to accelerate this process, we organize a natural product library, more than 1000 natural extracts inside and each compound has 2 mg. The […]

10. Nucleoside (acid) and its derivatives

Nucleoside (acid) and its derivatives have a very broad application prospect in medicine, health products, food processing industry, plant growth, and prevention of diseases and insect pests, and have been highly valued by many developed countries. Noticeably, with the development of gene therapy (e.g., siRNA, mRNA, plasmids, aptamers), different functionalized polynucleotides will be discovered gradually […]

9. Natural Product

1. All products can be supplied from mgs to grams, some of them, up to kgs. 2. All products are tested by HPLC-UV or/and HPLC-ELSD, purity>95%,98% or 99%. 3. More than 2000 natural compounds are available in this list for drug screening, many of them are our exclusive products. Most products in the list are […]

8. Metal catalyst

Metal catalysts (homogenous and heterogenous) provide pathways to both chiral and achiral products, which makes great contributions to different areas such as material industrials and pharmaceutics. Aschem and its partners have continued to add to this product line in order to better serve our customers and allow them to achieve their research and commercial objectives. […]

6. Peptide

Peptides are short chains of amino acid monomers linked by amide bonds. Currently, Peptide plays plenty of prominent roles in applications of Biomedicine, Biotechnology, and Bioengineering as well as Cosmetics. Here, we provide a huge library of peptides for medicinal and cosmetic uses. In addition, we also support strong customer synthesis services. We assure you […]