About US

ASCHEM GmbH: To accelerate your researches and drug discovery with our tailor-made services.

ASCHEM  GmbH is a Swiss fine chemicals company, based in Basel, Switzerland. We are focusing on the design, synthesis, production, and commercialization of different building blocks for using in drug discovery and pharmaceutical industry and also provide nano-materials related services, such as nanocarrier based drug formulation, targeted drug delivery.

With cutting-edge know-how in drug design, proprietary process chemistry and nanotechnologies (encapsulation and targeted delivery, etc.), ASCHEM is the ideal collaboration partner for large, medium and small pharmaceutical, agrochemical and life science companies. For example, in nanomedicine, we can provide different strategies to conjugate your active components to different nanocarriers with high functional linkers.

The ASCHEM GmbH has located its research and product centers in Switzerland and China, which is also supported by several famous key research groups (university and institute) in the two countries. There are lots of excellent chemists and biotech specialists with high expertise from our network to accelerate your drug discovery and optimize your working programs in Life Science. The aim of our service is to highly short your research period with very competitive costs.

ASCHEM’s services range from catalog products to custom synthesis in a style of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)/FFS (Fee-for-Service) contracts and consultancy.