15. Sugar Building Blocks

The diversity of compounds is the basis for screening the drug candidates with new biological relevance. Among those compounds, the chiral compounds with multi stereogenic centers and various functional groups play a vital role in current modern medicine. Carbohydrates as renewable, readily available sources having stereochemical diversity and functionality are the advanced options for the building blocks of different novel drugs in their total syntheses. Besides, sugars are also the essential substrates involving many physiological processes in the human body, thereby designing and synthesizing variable targeting ligands for precision therapy, or vaccines (e.g., glycoprotein) by scientists.

Herein, we provide different building blocks derived from monosaccharides including 5-carbon sugars (e.g., ribose), 6-carbon sugars (e.g., glucose, galactose, mannose), and 9-carbon sugars (e.g., sialic acid) decorated with high reactivated functional groups, such as alkene, alkyne, and azide. Meanwhile, hydroxyl groups in variable positions of the monosaccharide frameworks/scaffolds are under the protection of different temporary protecting groups. Therefore, there is much feasibility for your research projects. For the details, please find them from SACHEM GmbH from the website https://aschem.ch  or by writing an email to info@aschem.ch.


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