General information

  • Advanced Syntheses and Services
  • A bridge of Europa (e.g.,Switzerland)-Sino (China) in life science

Product Description

Here, we would like to set up a bridge of Europa( e.g., Switzerland)-Sino (China) in life science, which can be utilized to support association between enterprises and research institutes or themselves so that they can take advantage of each other’s strengths and make a common development. In general, there are three platforms existing in the communication.


Platform 1—–Commercial available compounds: We can provide you such compounds in high quality and very competitive price. The aim for this platform is no profit or a little profit.


Platform 2—– Requirements from you: We can offer various styles of collaborations according to the detailed needs of customers, such as custom synthesis and consultation including design, co-author for publication etc. We can organize different experts to solve your problems.


Platform 3 —– Business niches:  We can help the person who wants to join a local business development regarding the local policy. For example, Swiss entrepreneurs can start up their businesses in China,  and vice versa.